• Rainbow 6 Eleague - 2020 Semester 1 Player Fee

This product is the entry fee for 1 player to be able to play in the 2020 Semester 1 Rainbow 6 Eleague.

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Please note: If the player does not have a MEGA membership but wishes to join and receive the $5 discount on this tournament, they can do so by visiting the home page of this online store.

The Onyx Subcommittee of the Monash Electronic Gaming Association will be hosting a Rainbow 6 Siege (PC) tournament over semester one! The Tournament will take place between the 31st of March (Week 4) and the 27th of April (Week 8) depending on the number of teams participating. Come play for a great competitive experience under ESL rules with your friends and fellow Monash students, and a shot at winning some neato prizes!
Prizes (May be upgraded depending on potential sponsors and number of teams):
4 participating teams = 5x Elite Skins for first place
8 participating teams = 5x Elite Skins for first place and 1200 R6 credits per person for Second place
12 Participating teams = 5x Physical R6 chibis for first place, 5x Elite Skins for second place and 600 R6 credits per person for third place.

Entry rules:
-    The Team captain must be a student of Monash University. (Student IDs will be required)
-    Entry Fee will be 5 dollars for MEGA members or 10 dollars for non-members
-    Onyx home team players will not be awarded prizes and a maximum of one member is allowed on each team. (Excludes substitute players)

Game info and rules:
Standard ESL rules and map pool will apply
Round robin Single or elimination tournament (depending on number of teams)
Matches will be a best of three and umpired by Onyx staff and set at a time that suits both teams.
One or two matches are expected to be played per week depending on number of registered teams and tournament structure with an overall deadline
Evidence (scoreboard screenshot) is required for proof match outcome

Rainbow 6 Eleague - 2020 Semester 1 Player Fee

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